17 نوفمبر 2014

Open Access Oxford oao

Open Access at Oxford

The Council of Oxford University approved the Statement on Open Access at the University of Oxford.

The Oxford Research Archive was established in 2007 as a permanent and secure online archive of research materials produced by members of the University of Oxford. We are enhancing the coverage and features in ORA to provide a single point of public access to electronic copies of peer-reviewed journal articles, conference proceedings by Oxford authors and Oxford research theses. This also provides a means for institutional compliance with funders’ Open Access requirements.

The University favours, now and for the foreseeable future, open access by means of the Green Route. This enables authors to publish in any journal and to self-archive a version of the article for free public use.  Thus the Green approach provides most of the benefits for a much smaller additional cost than Gold Open Access (which involves paying Article Processing Charges) (APCs).

Here are different Resources at Open Access Oxford offering green and gold open access